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Biohacker's Handbook stands for quality advice for optimizing and upgrading your health, wellness and performance. If you know you are going to get all the current and upcoming book chapters (sleep, exercise, nutrition, mind, work and immunity), we have a perfect deal for you to make your life easier.

Instead of multiple purchases over time, now you can do a single transaction which will guarantee you the following (our dear true fans):

  • Download all digital books as they come out (sleep, exercise, nutrition, mind, work and special chapter on immunity), totalling over 530+ pages.
  • Direct download to all published chapters right now: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Work and Immunity. (Mind once ready).
  • Priority invitation to all webinars we will organize, private or public.
  • Invitation to a private & exclusive Biohacker's Handbook Insiders Facebook group where you can ask the authors questions and discuss with other like-minded health & wellness enthusiasts.
  • Private Q&A webinar for the private Facebook group where we will answer live all your questions.
  • The full Biohacker's Handbook (with 5 chapters + introduction) once it is published (ETA winter 2018), in either printed format (you only pay the postage fee in that case) or digital format (no additional costs).

That's right, we give you instant access to all our published works and upcoming books as they become available. On top of that, you get the final book once it comes out.

In the end you will have 1) digital expanded copies of each chapter, 2) immunity as a bonus chapter and 3) access to the cool Biohacker's Handbook Insiders group, 4) the final book and 5) freakin' awesome time taking your stuff to the next level.

All this for a price that will be less than waiting for at least 1,5 years to get to read the final printed copy.

To sum the offer up:

  • Sleep ($0 retail - free chapter)
  • Exercise ($19.90 retail)
  • Nutrition ($19.90 retail)
  • Mind ($19.90 retail)
  • Work ($19.90 retail)
  • Immunity ($19.90 retail)
  • Printed book (price not yet set - estimated at $49 + postage)
  • Biohacker's Handbook Insiders membership + private Q&A webinar ($79)
  • 6 x book chapter webinars (free)

Total: $227,50 (instead, you only pay $47 + postage, if applicable)

So, if you like and want to support our work, this should be pretty much a no-brainer.

Note: If you already purchased one of our chapters previously, we offer you the ability to upgrade to this subscription deal. We will refund you your earlier purchase for the relative value in that case. Please contact our customer support for details.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you don't like what you see, you can cancel the subscription within 30 days of the purchase and we will issue you a full refund.

About Biohacker's Handbook:

Biohacker’s Handbook weaves together novel perspectives on technology, nature and self-development.

A biohacker sees his or her body as a complex system that can be probed, analyzed, understood, and put under the test.

Such controlled experimentation (i.e. biohacking) can be used to pursue self-development and deeper self-understanding.

Biohacker’s Handbook dives deep into sleep, nutrition, exercise work and the function of the mind to take the fundamental aspects of life to a whole new level in terms of both understanding and application.

See website for more information here.


  • Medical Doctor Olli Sovijärvi
  • Nutritional Specialist Jaakko Halmetoja
  • Technology Specialist Teemu Arina
    Pages: 500+ (estimate)
    Formats available: PDF (digital), hardcover (printed)